Defy In Values Unrests the World Terrorism Query First for Everyone

Is there a single day without blood-lettings in the world from the first sunrise till now? The answer doesn’t make us happy and just count the total blood-lettings of the planet that are going on at present and it is a matter of science eg what is beyond of conflict again is not alive; it is then dead.

Thus we have to accept conflict but what about killing, rape, mugging, deadly flames of fire in a gigantic chaos made by some people? A lot of unexpected points come out before us and the first one probably is –why? Nature supports differences among creatures but what about the cry of an infant who lost the both of its mom and dads? And that is why all of us more or less hate terrorism and war and so on in the long run.

Prior cause of terrorism

It is a matter of laugh that the first cause may be a dead rat or a comment very silly; nevertheless, the end is so pathetic eg the baby is looking left and right and crying and waiting for the lap-its shelter selected by nature or universal arrangement. Every now and then man wants to know the root cause of terrorism and probably till last day he will find out slung or teasing or something very poor as the reason which matter is trillion times less important before drone attack.

Fleets in the Atlantic or Pacific ocean, deadly food crisis, and other severe nuisance activities. War is a big terrorism and the thing that desires blood and tears cannot be accepted as a praiseworthy and logistic phenomenon no matter it is so-called flags of the nations, monument in memory of the martyrs or salute before your honor-shame for ego, muscle- exhibition, slung, greed and all animosities the causes of terrorism.

Religious perspective on terrorism

Again before explaining religious perspective let us remind Enigma performance-I love you I will kill you. And in recent past, some people are joining the religious based terrorist organization for sake of religion again. Somehow they are biased and excited by money and deadly scenes on the screen but who makes a weapon and accurately for what when is found out then religion cannot be an apple of discord rather greed and culprit mindedness of some big countries are a root cause of terrorism.

Actually, we can see everything from a nude man but we don’t know what a dressed one is carrying under his cloth usually. So, by the name of God, it is going arms dealing and selling and anyone can be a victim at any time according to the chain reaction theory. Meantime-the dealer is trying his best to wash our eyes.

Alas! One can cheat someone for once or twice but what about the third 12 hours when the very victim was quite alert? The first and second world war has been finished with a big zero for a human being and they have confirmed hydrogen bomb from what mankind would be saved when only God Himself will wish or you know better than all about x, y etc. Friends and fellows, follow the world crisis as a dead one upon whom trust is saved and secured and no one or nothing like as stronger as hydrogen charge that can ensure again the revive of stone as the best weapon here in the earth.

World concern over terrorism

We don’t care terrorism and by better counter-attack we shall overcome this crisis for sake of peace-loving people; the world leaders are declaring such statement random and seldom it is passing by a day without loss of life and stocks and in Syria people are dying finding no food. Through satellite camera journalists are sending a message with dangerous pix and panic already has been seized world concern thus many were many passports are not getting the green signal and Australia already has denied to set off it is cricket team as the new trick has been taken by terrorist to destroy Bangladesh.

Let us remember a dead fish or the news of past when UK soldiers seized a huge number of weapons from Irish Republican Army they found 70% of those were made in the United States of America. Meantime, Muslim spiritual leaders also declared heaven, as well as handsome hand cash for warriors and heavenly women, have joined with them for extra pace in jungle fight eg crusade. All were and almost every day terrorists have been arrested by several state forces with handbills, gunpowder, guns, and grenade.

Beneficiaries and victims of terrorism

In short, weapon sellers are the group who smile mostly and those young who are addicted and wonderfully emotional in character and who are oppressed by their families and victims of world economic crisis. Yes- there are more communities like media family, law enforcing battalions, policymakers, stock- businessman and others who wish benefits from terrorism and many of them also become victims of the unexpected feature at the same time.

In the long run, terrorism creates hundreds of barrier and unpleasant event and life of man and nature get only suffering and enormous miseries and after the end- it again generates the elements of further terrorism-so pathetic it is! At least you may say –no, but you cannot remove it forever cause from the first sunrise till now not a single day you find without terrorism in the history of mankind.

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