Ways for Confirming World Peace Truly Baby-cheek slogan-no war

Is not sufficient and without stopping weapon production summits are nothing but a matter of laugh. Each and everybody must be –at the same time peace-minded and then with the highest conscious check; exactly from where it coming to the nasty thing that all hate.

All of us can sing or pray at a time one day an international song –believing that we confirm overcome cannot be broken down and with a giant gun shoot some have gone away many miles away from still-our peaceful world.

Where there live flower plant and snake side by side and maybe nothing would be as painful as food crisis and so on when our conscious again still loving to wait, peace or war-someone suddenly chooses -time as his/ her answer.

Thus only-only and only thus peace will be possible no matter from the first sunrise till now no day is a day without the hope of peace. Yes-never be a darkened mood-the sun shines within cloudy hood-lost moon’s lost lighting-nothing but a dark coming. And let us choose the ways that can make our dream true thereto.

Make a text of no war

Let all of us write a new text and; with the highest care read it and again let us uphold it till our last breath and in our every action sacrifice. International awareness of cause and effect of the nasty thing must be focused with care and sincerity. In text let us swear –no war. At least in bringing conscious against war it may help all of us.

Give right to all

Confirm rights to all. Don’t eat too much the equal share of others and give up greed that kills peace as well as doesn’t stop or make barricade before anyone if something unexpected check it by heart, not by punishment and let us practice endlessly as the two loses at the same time are worse than one. Ensure all where peace only not enrolling or beating. If it is too much the change comes usually all of us should remember.

Leave superego

Yes-let gives up it as it is illegal and not supported by the healed people. Be cool and healed and still keep faith on flower not on the fight and make something fine- fantastic and fair and avoid face- fierce and fighting as well as go for not talking or writing or listening something bad the unit of a bigger loss.

Respect each other

The trend can surely strengthen peace and know how to avoid nuisance habit in general. Praise and chance those who are best human being and politely say no to others and statuesque the condition forever and let us make it our habit of respecting all thereafter.

Appreciate all

This is the way- which teaches us not go for any conflict and any kind of illegal activity or competition as well as don’t prove room to a thing that may destroy global harmony among the subjects.

Always be busy with a productive activity and don’t do something odd in any kind of assimilation that may then react quite negative. Simply, appreciate all rather a few. By rotation make opportunity for each and every one.

Only mercy, pity and forgiveness can establish peace in the world and be keeping it in our mind, on the contrary, can ensure the event a stable matter as well. At any cost, a method would be useless and all should reach the point from where all are equal. At least believe.

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