Less Confidence in Visa Processing Creates a Dilemma thousands of Bangladeshi

Now in deep crisis made by several embassies marking the recent trend of violence in Bangladesh as well as other parts of the world g those deny to process a visa for many and thus the total migration process also standing before a severe threat.

The people who want to visit Thailand, United Kingdom, Singapore and Gulf countries have found that embassies and high commission are not interested in providing a visa for them and they already have denied a lot of persons in the concern.

FBCCI and other potential groups already have failed to manage embassies and high commission and in business, a huge loss is knocking to the country also for many purposes people who have to visit are suffering a lot thereafter.

Meanwhile, in September of yesteryear, the United Kingdom arranged a roadshow for better investment and invited many states when Bangladeshi group faced obstacle as the high commission refused to permit visa to them.

In some cases, it proposed that visa will be finalized from New Delhi. Surprisingly other countries used to follow inside unrests of Bangladesh and they disagreed to process a visa for Bangladeshi personnel. Even they denied those who got permission before.

It shows almost 90% visa even with all correct official approaches couldn’t get a final seal. And the concerned personnel that is why faced a huge loss no matter officially they didn’t get any notice or so on.

Physicians, businessmen, workers, students and other visitors, on the contrary, fell in gigantic conflict as well as those have no alternative at last. Terrorism has been shown as its primal and main cause those states and until today no change has been found.

In Singapore, many were arrested on a charge of creating terrorism and many were sent back. Ministry of foreign affairs and other concern authority didn’t take any step for compensation for victims thereto.

In fact, sourcing offices of different countries now can chance to deal business very little and until governments of states take immediate measures further business will be impossible and in coming future loan burden will be more deadly as Bangladesh staying still beneath of the list.

Both domestic and foreign income also will be less. Beside misbehave and wrong feedback in airports to Bangladeshi people is very common scene.

It is true that after completing particular job many didn’t come back in their own country and for the illegal living hood abroad caused a series of unpleasant ending out of the very stuff.

It is a matter of great panic that from every continent dead body of Bangladeshi persons have arrived in this country and no protest or action has been taken out.

Terrorism and tendency for violating law and order have confirmed these nuisance mishaps in the long run and in visa processing all concern countries feel a peculiar experience that in coming days would be a permanent dilemma for Bangladeshi next generation.

Somehow this unexpected thing must be removed or both people and their business will be hampered.

Any kind of problem has an ending and visa procedure barricade would be solved through time spirited action and more it will be logistic more the process will be accurate.

Power politics practice in the world cannot bring any good all should realize and only then a logistic environment may be seen in the concern. Also, the terrorist activity must be protected all where.

Indeed for a few all cannot be guilt-the concern authority should uphold the message and should take every step in favor of usual visa procedure.

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