Total hair care such a beautiful show is to see a smiling woman

As the gentle wind swings between her pretty strands. And boys do not just like to see it, girls also love their hair. For them, the care of the hair is the most important and then the care of the skin. It cannot be denied that women can do anything to save their locks. The only motivating factor to keep your hair healthy and beautiful is your own mind.

It is a worldwide known fact that women suffer from mood swings that every person wants to avoid. But even if they have a destructive mentality, they will always make sure that nothing bad happens to their hair.

When they get angry, they decide to have their hair cut, even when they are careful with every inch of their hair. Never play with your hair, otherwise, you will have to deal with the woman’s anger! What makes a woman irritable beyond the expectations of a man is a hair problem. We are aware of hair problems,

Hair fall
Brittle and Frizzy Hair
Split ends
Oily Scalp

Stops hair growth after a point

These are very common problems and of course, they need the right attention. There are many natural treatments for these problems that we can apply on a regular basis, but first, we should know what we already use. The hair care products we use must be chosen intelligently, not just because we see your TV ads.

Most of us do not know that our shampoos and conditioners contain chemicals that damage our hair or are not suitable for our hair type. The most important thing to consider when hair care is to know your hair type. There are different types of products that are used for different hair types. Let us know about our hair care products and see if they really care about our hair or are slowly destroying it.

1. Check the ingredients in your product: Make sure that your product contains the least number of surfactants, is the chemical that forms the foam. Especially those with a greasy scalp should not accidentally choose a shampoo that forms the foam. Avoid using products with SLS (Laurel Sodium / Laurel Sulfate). This chemical form a good foam, but knows that it is used in industrial detergents! Prevent your hair from getting damaged. There is a natural swelling called Reetha, also called Aretha. You can only break two balls of Reetha and mix in water, stir a little and that will make enough foam for you to cleanse your scalp. Those with dry scalp should use a very natural shampoo that will not dry the skin and scaly scalp. How to control the chemical composition: Those that are written first contain the most shampoo, and the most recently written are used in small quantities.

Hair loss is caused by what is commonly used in conditions, shampoos and hair gels. It gives the hair a very deceptive shine, but the inner story is that it destroys healthy proteins and cells that are the root of hair growth and hair care. For shiny hair, use oils instead of chemicals.

2. Look for paraben and formaldehyde, it is a preservative used in beauty products. It is harmful because it filters through the hair and skin and disturbs the endocrine system, leading to premature aging and graying of the hair. We need to be aware of all chemicals that damage not only the hair but also the skin and our internal system. Formaldehyde is a very harmful chemical that is used to smooth hair. Some shampoos contain formaldehyde to help people have hair without curling. Be careful with keratin hair straighteners because they contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde causes intense damage to the hair and causes irritation to the throat, cough, rashes, affects the eyes and causes nasal problems. Long-term use can cause dermatitis and excessive use for long periods can also be cancerous.

3. Choose your oils carefully: If you regularly lubricate your hair and still have hair problems, then it’s time to know which oil to use. All oils are not used to oil your hair. Nature is rich in nutrients and healthy minerals for our food. Use it intelligently. If you want hair without frizz, instead of hard shampoos that contain formaldehyde, you can use argan oil, also called Moroccan oil. It also acts as a healthy and natural conditioner. It does not look greasy, but it’s like a good serum. Earlier we read that hair loss is caused by the chemical Propyleneglycol (PG), and the oils should be used instead of chemicals. Alcohol is used in anti-dandruff shampoos, but it is very damaging to the hair and scalp because it can dry too much and causes infections caused by fungus and bacteria. Tea tree oil is a very effective oil to prevent bacteria and fungus from our scalp. It is an anti-dandruff oil, not greasy oil.

If you want thick hair with a good volume, start by massaging with castor oil. It is a very oily and viscous oil that is difficult to fix in the pores. Therefore, it is recommended to use it with coconut oil, olive oil, and oil. Almond. The mixture of these three oils is the best product for hair care. If you have a problem with dandruff, you can simply cut a lemon and squeeze in mustard oil and gently massage into the scalp.

4. What chemicals are allowed for hair: We know that we cannot completely eliminate marketed hair care products like shampoos because of changing environmental conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to search for PANTHENOL, the chemical equivalent of vitamin B in products. Also check the citric acid, which easily cleanses the scalp and helps us to have a healthy cuticle for the hair. It gives the hair a natural shine. Shea butter is good for a natural shine in the hair. Therefore, a conditioner that has a blend of oils and shea butter can be used without concern about side effects.

We now know all the chemicals that damage our hair, the natural products that can be used for healthy hair, and the chemicals that do no harm to our beautiful locks. It is recommended to visit a good spa and beauty salon every week for a healthy head massage and a hair spa.

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