Don’t go for a few Things after Taking Meal for being unconscious over

Some prohibitions suffer a lot after taking a meal. Actually, we should not take a risk to do some restricted things just after taking our meal. If we do so we must suffer a lot at the same time. Even doing so we run for physician and spend money and time that is vastly unexpected a matter of hard Haggard and panic. So- be conscious by reading the content- you may be benefited and saved.

Don’t permit intercourse

Don’t choose intercourse just after taking your meal as it is not pleasant then and it at the same time is unhealthy. Just do the task some moments after.

Let your mind be set up because in full stomach it begins a digest-procedure that keep your attention very alert and when you permit intercourse after finishing meal this extra attention doesn’t confirm pleasure also many then for extra expanded abdomen feel pain during the very stuff.

Avoid hard works

You may vomit and feel congested with several muscles and the extra moving of blood in your physic that creates a bit hallucination may hamper your job. The lower part of your body then cannot suit your work. Take some rest just after confirming the event.

Avoid cigarette

Benzene and others produced by cigarette-smoking just after meal hit conflicting lunge direct and other sections including brain cells may be rapidly attacked by the very habit that is posed by many after ending their meal. Leave cigarette thereto.

Don’t eat fruits

When you eat them one kind of acid attacks in your digesting process and you may feel embarrassment even unexpected emptying of bowel may be started. Eat fruits after some recess.

Aloof yourself from exercise

As after completing meal you need extra milling in your inside organs and as they are then a bit extra busy don’t start exercise- you should take wait-naps-walking a few steps again after breakfast, lunch and dinner as well.

Don’t go bath

You may lose the smoothness and body skin also may be loose if you take bath just after finishing the meal.

Don’t put off cloth

Many of you put off cloth for an extra relief that may cause pressure upon the parts under the belly and you should leave the habit thereafter. The Even annulus may face bleeding.

Refuse tea

After meal doesn’t elect tea as acidity then may hamper your digestion rather you may take few sweet that works better to the contrary.
When you maintain health tricks you are saved from many unexpected haggard and diseases.

When you take a meal to take the minimum and follow these perfectly and always and your consciousness deeply influences your healthier and happy life-forget meantime, not prevention is better than cure while ignorance brings out danger and haggard.

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