Let Sundarban not go Down – Sundarban a Marvelous Places of the Earth

Sundarban a marvelous places of the earth sundarban whenever someone uses to visit Bangladesh from far away he/she wants to enjoy some beautiful places here and Sunder ban may be the first priority to the very one. The enchanting beauty of Sunder ban thus attracts thousands of visitors every year.

It is also a world heritage site declared by United Nations among few marvelous places of the earth. Actually- the southern part of Bangladesh naturally got a safety belt and this mangrove forest protects both man and assets from natural disasters like cyclones, tides etc and its economic value to the country is also immense.

Meanwhile-in recent years, this forest got a big threat when some people and groups have decided to make power-station based on coal at the place. Sunder ban has another great challenge. No matter at the cost of 140crores taka a substitute canal of Shela river has been built ships still on voyages on it and only a few captains follow Ghosh canal towards Mongla port.

The sound made by ships disturbs animals living here. Rare cats and other beasts of the forest facing gigantic barriers and human attack also a major problem to those. Already a huge number of animals have been destroyed by illegal hunters. A government has played poor protection in saving Sunder ban and day by day the situation is going worse.

Many times many person and organizations cautioned for immediate safety for world’s biggest mangrove forest but no perfect action was taken and at last the deadly decision of establishing power plant in sunder ban alarming its coming pathetic ending forever and not only Bangladesh but also the world would lose world’s biggest mangrove forest.

The concern groups in favor of this amazing forest are alert a lot and they have sent their protest against the aggression to UNO. Now the time has come when all should raise their voices against this nuisance decision. If it is so needed-then electricity plant might be settled elsewhere. And for sake of natural balance and outstanding beauty that attracts millions of the globe the decision must be reexamined and somehow- we should not ruin it.

The forest also provides wood and honey and other raw materials. It is a magnificent symbol of our national identity and glory and government and non-government authorities can make it more enchanting and attractive to visitors and can earn handsome amount of money and all natural animals and plants could be saved thereto.

Yes- as a role model of good environmental balance as early as possible both government and a related agency should change their idea or the total nation as well as whole world would be affected. Indeed- Sunder ban needs more effective plans and care. Its secured and planned existence can ensure our pride and profit more and more and if we lost it the next generation will suffer and world conscious will not pardon us. Let all of us stand for the right of nature and avoid our ill tendency to cut trees- mountains, to kill rivers and forest at the same time.

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