Techniques to Strengthen Democracy the names are many in walk of democracy

From Aristotle to any one of today whom you think icon in the sense of preference as many men many minds -it is so tough at the same time and it creates controversy also no matter till today no method is as better as democracy that originally is generated by the people, for the people and of the people in the long run.

From W. Wilson to N. Mandela there come a lot of legendary proper nouns who contributed the state power system with talent and tolerance and till today many political scientists are talking randomly about it eg how the system would be more powerful for the well of people.

According to demand and necessity of ages, Strengthen Democracy has naturally and dramatically been found in different shapes and characters thereafter. All hope Strengthen Democracy and a very few term it the approach of fools and no method is unique on the contrary. But in most of the state’s democracy has successfully won the support of people. Today state men can follow the following ideas to make Strengthen Democracy more effective and popular.

Don’t bias people

If you mislead people will take revenge by votes and both government and opposition should remember it happened several times in several states and any of the both should avoid the tendency, The verdict of people is more stronger than a few heads of the state and virtually Strengthen Democracy stands for the right and interest of mass at any cost- no matter it takes some duration to materialize changes in state by the biggest group. If needed sacrifice the bacon or interest for sake of people.

Don’t miss people

Sharing with people must be absolutely correct eg you have at best one hundred eyes but millions of eyes are more effective. Where ever you go –whatever you do remember those are watching you with the highest proximity. Ignoring people is nothing but an attempt at suicide. Before you, there are examples and always stay beside the interest of people.

Don’t privilege muscle

It is an effective technique to win the verdict of the majority that wouldn’t be neglected as well as pressure over mass-destroy the acceptance and reliability and in order to hold power don’t practice muscle –no matter only a very few can benefit from such exercise –so the stuff should be avoided by the both.

Don’t support sabotaging

This practice is quite different to democracy and it invites collapse and end to both government and opposition. Somehow they understand this and reject both groups related to the system and the third group eg the less popular section of state may thereto in leading power and mass group be all out or ignored. Just in all practice follow fair and true tricks. Emphasis on people rather any other else unpleasant and isolated from the mass.

Don’t overstate

Always remember you are the servers of the state and your duration is fixed by people. Don’t overstate or don’t go for critical practices –no matter they can provide a chance, in the long run, they will not mercy you as well. Let the people get first priority in all manners. Feedback from people is final to the contrary.

Don’t be ruler

In mentality be a servant of mass and don’t try to rule –look the history of democracy and its long march you will understand the evaluation of democracy that again will legally pursue you for being committed to the people. The ruling tendency will throw you autocratic area and thus democracy will be killed. For the nation and its subjects you are selected if things are negative and beyond of interest of people by you, democracy no more is proved. Only a very few people may be supporters but within short vast shall defy your ruling.

Others techniques

Democracy doesn’t allow mismanagement and misuse of power rather those create a barricade for the servers of state just ensure logistic practices in every cluster of service and effort. This is a power –the best among all other systems so apply best techniques and strategies eg good service –better action and best job for sake of the common. Uphold justice -freedom peace and ensure a stronger democracy.

You can hope a successful democratic practice by maintaining a series of virtue but when you trackless from messages that bring out automatically anarchy and unfair means –no longer it stays in the state then. Without perfect and responsible persons it is a boat without radar; again the qualities pose for an exact stage and support of all thereupon. Lastly, create an arrangement where each and every individual can be safe and lead life without controversy –life is where peace-loving and ready to help the very democracy for its ultimate success.

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