Positive Facilities Must Be Implemented For Street Urchin are Not cordially

Every now and then Street Urchin is not cordially received in any society as our traditional belief contrast the stuff and every nook and corner they are oppressed and neglected. When we pass by a little-thinly colt or filly our conscious then query a lot of things eg what about its parents? Or where does it pass the night?

When we feel sorrow for the victim at best we provide money and we go ahead very fast to the contrary. We hardly think its future and often we are thinking about terrorism and addiction in our society by what our own issues might not get rid incoming future-the matter that is why would be taken seriously.

When we pass by a thin colt or filly in the street at best we provide some money to it and making our walking fast we forget it and we have until today fixed up our responsibility within the aspect very little and limited that cannot be absolute solution for a street urchin.

We wander through years it is going only more and more neglect and today even those babies who live in a family cannot get rid of torture and other severe endings. And it is found that among all 50% street urchins are also addicted to Bangladesh. If we torch truly for searching out all inside information there will appear a lot of dangerous abuses with street urchins.

It is a country of 1,316 dollars per head annual income as well
as 24.7 percent poverty and in caring street children it has a very bad reputation, for example, due to looting and mismanagement, some organs are sued and our consciousness cannot support such nuisance made by so-called care-giving personnel thereof.

It certainly proving their greediness and black nature which cannot be our humanitarian aspect rather honest and healed persons should be included in the sector. Obviously, corruptions don’t inspire many to contribute to the program. Here need the positive implementation of support and budget for street children must not be mugged anymore.

We know very little about being street urchin but some matters eg divorce, refusing, missing, family conflict etc force to be so for a baby. They use to pass the night under govt. a building, near cinema halls, launches, on streets, in parks and elsewhere and all day long they are busy with hard and risky tasks.

In fact, many legends in world history passed oppressed and neglected babyhood out-thus all of us must not refuse them and as much as possible all should help them for their better tomorrow when they will not be a burden rather an asset of the nation.

Surely all necessary attempts are needed by govt. and non-govt. a basis for those helpless and homeless. Without proper and time spirited action this curse wouldn’t be wiped out-nevertheless the state could win a moral victory at the same time-future terrorism and crime will be unlimited if all are not conscious.

Both aid and budget for street urchin should be sufficient and corruption in street urchin funding must be protected as well as skilled and honest personnel should come ahead for their betterment to Street Urchin.

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