Strategies for Slum Upgrading Confirming an entrepreneurship based

On security and justice between government or non-government and slum people, it may be ensured a better life for slum people.

Now and then slum group doesn’t enjoy thousand of opportunities as they are neglected by proper authorities who don’t take them as a profit-oriented part; in fact.

They are also promising side. Yes, they have a lot of problems in their everyday life and hardly can solve them. For upgrading slum people several steps might be taken and the target people may be included as a usual group within very short with their tremendous performance in the venture.


Totally positive strategies should be appropriate. Aware them as much as possible in a to z about what they should do and how they would be benefited-simply diagnosis problems is a start and application of remedies can make a development program succeed. The need and techniques of life are immense and though a mega planning for materializing all target awareness can help.

CSR application

Corporate measures are very effective in an upgrading of slum when society displays its role of responsibility. Actually, they are also very direct participants in total procedure and they have a share made of labor and industry. And a society cannot be rich without the participation of its significant group. So- the approach would be applied in upgrading slum by monitoring and following up until the result in the sector is in grief.

Expand the roads

Ensuring next victory eg development for slum it demands to expand roads, streets, pavements etc of the area where it staying with thousand of obstacles. If possible ensure leasing and take steps to do so for sake of slum people. In budget confirm a proportion for upgrading slum and for expanding roads etc they use to use.

Shared facilities

Sharing the five needs with slum group can ensure the target. Apply humanitarian approaches and emphasis over intimacy making program-just poster their rights and give them courage as well as through integrated action provide them what they need simply build a tradition of giving them what they need.

Strong slum neighborhood

A strong cooperative governance and rapid watching for their unity and further boosting up the concerned authority should take all step and the matter should not be neglected eg their neighborhood must be saved from any kind of aggression.

And day by day their belief and fashion shall be upgraded by discussing the things that have made them changed thereto;  for time being it will make them complete and sufficient part who later will upgrade another slum group.

Security and justice

Those can help slum people direct what is based on safety and uprooting injustice that is why is a major step. Morally they have right but very little they can enjoy justice and secured life. All necessary support according to their need must not be unimplemented thereafter.

The slum people have right to get park and others. They are not an unidentified element from another planet rather they are our homogeneous fellows and we are the brothers of the same boat always it is true. That is why the strategies must not be fake and face and checking out looting or corruption must be uprooted.

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