Free download Rufus Portable all version to creating all USB bootable Windows

The Rufus is a utility to make format create bootable USB flash drives and windows, such as USB drives or USB drives, memory sticks, etc.

It can be particularly useful in cases where you need to create USB installation, ISOs (Windows, Linux, etc.) from a system that has no operating system installed, flashes in BIOS or other firmware DOS and a low-level utility run.

You must work on a system that does not have an installed operating system; You need the flash BIOS or other firmware DOS; You want to run a low-level utility. Rufus is significantly faster than comparable public services and free and open source.

In this cases, free DOS, which is a default selection is recommended for MS-DOS, as it supports all keyboards layout. Rufus Free download of the latest version for Windows-PCs. It is an installer offline Rufus installation mode.

Create an ISO image from a physical disk or a series of files is very easy to do but using a CD burning program like CDBurnerXP or freely available BurnAware.

Rufus is useful in the following scenarios:

* You must create an installation medium from a USB boot ISOs (Windows, Linux, UEFI, etc.)
* You must work on a system that does not have an operating system installed
* You need the flash BIOS or other firmware DOS
* You want to run a low-level utility

Rufus can work with the following ISOs: Arch Linux, ArchBang, BartPE / PEBuilder, CentOS, Damn SmallLinux, Fedora, FreeDOS, Gentoo, gNewSense, Boot CD Hiren, LiveXP, Knoppix, Kubuntu, OpenSUSE, MagicParted, Slackware, Tails Trinity Rescue Kit, Ubuntu Ultimate Boot CD, Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

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Rufus – Free Download

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