Some Proposals for Remove Traffic Jam from your City or state

Being helpless city dwellers make their everyday work schedule accepting traffic jam as a usual phenomenon. Meantime traffic jam is not a local crisis rather many uses to visit the city for different purposes every day as here exist many offices eg the secretariat.

The offices for prime minister and president, several Government and non-Government offices, embassies and so on. Only building fly-over is not a proper remedy to the problem- we can see it. To overcome the problem a few steps are suggested below.

On vehicle management

Under the Government management at least 500 ac/non-ac buses could be imported and for the better result, it can also pursue private companies. Beside- route plan, bus stoppage, color selection for buses etc should be done accurately with the help of agencies.

About withdrawal of old buses

As old buses bring out an accident in most cases-those would be picked up from all city streets. Old buses out of date also create a chaotic atmosphere that produces many other problems include severe disorder in traffic rules and regulation and passengers suffer a lot for those.

Over hawker-business

Hawkers and muscle men of political parties are one of the main problems of traffic jam and through the years even after taking a series of action the barricade is not uprooted; public footpath full of tiny shops also a major problem in the haggard. So- those could be replaced in a bigger space of the city on a holy day that day off-market system may endure jam free city.

To car owners

Many car owners get off in their cars after office work just from office premises and it causing the huge jam in office zones. They may do the same job after a walk for moments and thus jam would be controlled.

For parking

No parking-rule must be applied strictly and the city needs at least 20 high rising building within very short and Government should immediately take the step to materialize the proposal. It is also a time-spirited demand of the cities.

From conscious use

Government high officials can choose public buses like many other countries. We should keep it in our mind –where a needle cannot enter don’t try ax there. They must realize this all-suffering problem and what is their job indeed.

In policy making

Avoid any kind of harmful decision in taking a step to remove traffic jam from the capital city and during the very hour never forget the truth and reality no matter these may be stood not for a few rather mass people.

When would be the basic event and short, mid and long-term projects based on accuracy and timeliness should be emphasized thereafter. The concerned authorities of both Government and non-Government jointly can take necessary steps to remove traffic jam from Dhaka.

When we go out from houses we don’t know exactly when will back there-yes, traffic jam is the main cause beside others for such unexpected situation. Thus, at any cost, this should be removed or Dhaka would a city of crime, tense and loss.

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