How to Remove Corruption from the Affected States in your Country

Yes –removing corruption from affected states requires political-social and corporate reformatting and justice –democracy and liberty orienting aspects by all concerned people and organs no matter it takes time and needs positive approaches in the application which the very state desires thereto.

It is that is why an integrated method and by its best establishment affected states may be get rid of the nuisance corruption-the root cause of poverty illiteracy and oppression. According to Transparency International (TI), many countries suffer from severe corruption as there is no justice and democracy in those states.

When we focus on countries that are remaining in below of the list- we found mostly autocracy-injustice and mugging there in a big ratio. When the following steps would be taken as remedies the states may get relief from corruption on the contrary.

Stop bad politics

In most of the third world countries I found bad politics as the basic cause of corruption and unrest in those countries must be uprooted at any cost; no matter it is directly created by several parties under political banners with their muscle men and the organization also focused on reports again and again that some parts of government are directly involved in such illegal practices. So without removing bad politics from those countries –corruption free society is impossible.

Stop terrorism

Terrorism is another monster against democracy created by a very small group and the mass participation here is absent- it is also created by so-called brand practice by the name of state service and through the years the trend is going on in the very states. Surely –uprooting terrorism is a must no matter some time several old organs take part in this cruel practice pursuing so-called ordinance making charity eg election- where the court declared terrorists win seats. And this practice must be stopped in order to protect corruption.

Stop financial mugging

The stock market and share market looting must be stopped and so-called corporate aggression should be protected from stopping corruption. Both official and unofficial golden handshake practice when would be finished –corruption then also would be finished. Exchanging money without reason in the arrangements eg bribe, gift etc must be kicked out.

Stop direct looting

In many countries, direct looting has been found and the pix showing that police is directly taking money from innocent passers- to remove corruption from countries such practice must be kicked out and protected. Also-civil terrorism should be denied.

Stop mixing black and white money off

To save the bacon as well as life very technically so-called political parties use to mix off black and white money together and it is one of the biggest reason of corruption –at any cost, it would be removed.

Surrender to win

A red alert to remove corruption must be applied every nook and corner of the states as well as a mass movement against corruption and autocracy and so-called branding tendency must be neglected. And corruption would be declared to surrender to win or all participants of those criminals will remain safe and secured and corruption at the same time.

Stay in the states and a total battle against the Haggard would be taken thereto. As corruption is a global problem and for the disturbing element globally as well as individual steps would be implemented.

If the limit crossed out life would be completely abnormal and impossible-nevertheless action should be taken against so-called textual corruption-simply method made by a criminal group must be denied for sake of progress and prosperity. You the conscious must say –no-to corruption.

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