Tricks for quick overcome of panic or anxiety comes out basically

From your central nervous systems (CNS) so quickly and it may cause very deadly end when you are nevertheless out of sense or conscious and beyond of some effective and easier steps.

It is one kind of phobia which contains past or future convulsing in your mind and makes you somehow nonsense and astonished. In most cases, it takes very short times to ensure a cure for the victim when the following tricks are applied.

Reading situation around yourself

Maybe you are thinking that you will fall down from the top of a building, in fact, you have not fallen down-thus read the situation first and try to be sure that thing has not happened. Everything when okay and alright then it is useless to be afraid of something and don’t be influenced by farce matter.

Watching what is real

Never go mad rather watch the solid first. Remember panic phobia is a sudden attack which doesn’t support time for justifying what is wrong and what is right so an emphasis on your eyes and hopefully you will see nothing for being feared; only with your eyes watch around you and in most cases, you yourself will get rid of it.

Be busy with work

It works like a magic when you are engaged with work(whatever it is) your concentration will lead you to usual feeling –panic will be automatically removed or more you provide a chance for panic-more it will attack you. Yes- most people forget what to do after the shutdown.

Get auto suggestion

Don’t give up hope and talk yourself that you may win this and you have that capability. Confidence is the thing that kills panic direct. And let it be controlled by yourself confidence. Here you should be alert in every phase and don’t give room it to further disorder. Just tell yourself-“ I am fine and everything is going well.”


Count 10 to 1 down and if any mistake repeats it. Utter it again and again until your panic says you-“bye.” Yes, you can defeat you unexpected fear by a countdown. Your brain then will give you a belief- e g you are okay mentally.

Avoid self-decision in taking medicine

If you take medicine without doctor’s advice it may cause the severe effect to your brain and another part or parts of your body as the whole process is very critical and dynamic in character. You should take it after diagnosis.

Other ways

Avoid cigarette, alcohol etc as remedies for panic. Set your mind in positive matter and if you think it is beyond of your control immediately meet your doctor who can give you better suggestion or treatment.

Still, you should not keep anything hidden before your physician just share all about panic and help him/ her so that a solution may come out truly and finally.

If you give room to panic the cure may be late and difficult therapies then you have to taste and more critical the procedure would so don’t play hide and seek with panic.

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