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The control is simpler and faster to set up a computer controller solution is a program that automates the controller hardware installation process. This software is free and is suitable for professionals and beginners.

The driver laid the cornerstone of the driver in the world more data and computer. If you believe that not getting everything you can from your Windows PC configuration, it is possible that their drivers are guilty.

Although it can be noted as soon as the main component (graphics card), small parties can remain indefinitely with older drivers. This is the solution for Online pilots trying to help.

Pay attention to the little things

The pilot of the Online solution is a simple process, but not impeccable. First, run the program with a window that told me that many of my drivers were updated, he had the opportunity to identify needed updates for the site controller solution.

Once identified, you can choose the drivers you want (or those that specifically do not want you to disable) on the list. driver solution Online does the rest by installing the required components.

This automated process works well, but we had some problems during the test. Accidents and occasional exceptions the drivers directed my attention more than once, and reboot required to install. Ultimately, it was not a big problem for me but it can cause some teams to create more or just less experienced users who are confused in the program to solve the only solution to a problem.

All in one

For a small added benefit Online controller solution adds shortcuts to some useful features (and often hard to find). This also includes the device manager to optimize the function of uninstaller, system cleaning, and disk defragmentation. Although these functions are available in Windows as the default entry in the driver window, it is convenient.

Simple and useful but imperfect

Driver Online solution is simple and well developed Windows PC which simply provide shortcuts to access most public services. However, the benefits of running our PC control were questionable, and we found some errors in the installation, which can be uncomfortable for some users.

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