Govt. Policy Demands a Lot of New Schools in the Country

When a policy covers total expectation of the people or a specific group it is then a complete method or strategy over the very event but obviously, the current education policy of our country defines an expected and all supported stand no matter it has some visions within 2020.

The number of an educational institute of all categories during the scheduled time must be increased in every here and there of the country according to the demand of the student participation.

The indigenous group at the same time have less capability to get a quality education and their major goal is survival rather education thereto.

Education for all doesn’t support any controversy over unfair distribution of books or any gigantic success it only expects true arrangement of all things that are needed in the long run thereof; a combination of resource and target have to walk hand in hand.

Meantime all-spirited school education idea is almost impossible as here live people of different values. The common understanding of issues must not be ignored.

If it is needed a single version we have to accept it under a common medium and here national priority also would be taken with the highest care. Nowadays many customs of yesterday are invalid and total globalization based on a common medium also is unavoidable.

We, the people of Bangladesh already have achieved the tendency for acceptance and tolerance and in coming days our children will contribute more in international arena who just now need a free and global mindedness and only then the worldwide job opportunity for those will be ensured.

This is very important to build more institutions for training and research thereto. Without building a sufficient number of educational schools-education for all- slogan wouldn’t be materialized. The dream is nice but hard it is to make it real. When the query breaks out whether vision-2020 would succeed or not we stand for the negative cause of lake of an educational institution that is required in the whole country.

Meanwhile, rural education facility would be taken under digital approach and in every divisional district at least one common language training center must be built from where many students will able to earn a huge foreign currency every year. This is a vital and very effective way in the case of early success of the vision-2020.

We should keep in our mind that only for the lake of less linguistic capability Bangladesh loses billions of foreign currency as most of the persons who start for abroad have no skill in a common medium. Beside another aspect of the goal, this linguistic matter should be popular through the various interesting way.

Need for students the medium would be made strongly and accurately because this is the age of common market also where the total world and phenomenon are same to all in most cases. Besides, monitoring and evaluation process with all necessary follow-ups and appropriate feedbacks in building new educational institution and infrastructure must be applied.

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