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In addition to a new user interface, Microsoft Office 2007 also provides various file formats.

Although it is not necessary to understand the details, the file formats are based on the new XML formats OfficeOpen (XML stands for Extensible Markup Language). This change in filenames and format can create major barriers to sharing Office 2007 user files with all.

Changes to the XML-based formats support new features and help your documents

* Safer separate files contain scripts or macros, which facilitate the identification and blocking of unwanted code or macros.
* Reduce the file size.
* Less likely to corrupt corruption or file.

For most people who use Microsoft Office 2007, changing the file format that you are likely to use in the file extensions is used for naming files. Conversion options are available on both sides, but require patience and knowledge to create an effective strategy for sharing Office files.

How to Change the Name?

In earlier versions of Microsoft Word, files with the DOC extension are now kept, Microsoft Office Word 2007 .docx files use file extensions and .docm. Excel files ending .xls or .xlsx for new XLSM in Excel 2007 PowerPoint presentations are saved for a long time with a .ppt termination being held in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 extensions.

PPTX or .pptm. Why are there several options for file extensions in Office 2007? The differences depend on whether a file contains macros or programming code. The letter “m” at the end means that all macros or programming code in one file.

In file formats as a cosmetic change this radical change in the file much more name conventions, so: Other extensions of less frequently used files can be in Office 2007. A reminder files also appear the extension of editing will not convert a file from one type to another,

View your files from Windows Explorer. The file is a file format in Office 2007 if you have an extension of 4 characters; It is a file format for Office 2003/2002 (or earlier) if you have a 3 character extension.

Microsoft Office Access 2007 databases can also be recorded with a new file format, or .accdb can be created with the same file format as in earlier versions, .mdb, allowing easy and continuous access to data. However, when an Access database is converted for use with Access 2007, it is available for use with earlier versions of Microsoft Access. Also, note that Access 2007 databases are stored with an extension of 5 characters.

File Compatibility Between the Versions of Microsoft Office

If one of the first in its group for the 2007 Microsoft Office system, you can share documents between Office 2007 and the earlier version of Office. Important considerations when working in Microsoft Office 2007:

* With Office 2007, you can open a file created in Office 95 to Office 2003.
* When you save a file created in a previous version, the default setting in the Save As dialog box is the same as the previous version. You can also choose to save the 2007 version.

* An option to convert to any key Office 2007 program gives you the ability to convert an old file into the new file format program.
* Any Office 2007 program can be customized to change the default file format to save as the 2003 Office format.

* If you save a file as the previous version, a compatibility check will inform you of any Office 2007 features that you can disable or provide as close as possible.
* Colleagues who have 2000 Office 2003 are working on the 2007 file a converter that they can open the document.

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