Livestock Sector Needs New Policy to Go a Far almost 24 percent people

Of the country are poor and 12 percent are living beneath the poverty line and in the nutrition program, our livestock and dairy have a significant role. Meanwhile-it is the chief source of protein the most powerful element for our physical energy and fitness.

Comparing a Sri Lankan labor a Bangladeshi one earns only half in many countries in the world as physically the last one is less fit and in skill, the difference is also very big-meaning only for a lake of protein it losing a huge amount of foreign currency every year.

Also in the country, almost 17 percent of people are just before severe malnutrition and diseases- that is why- attacks them very easily. For healthier next generation both govt. and govt. jointly should take immediate steps to upgrade our livestock and dairy sectors.

True it is that our breeding system in the sector is so backdated and good animal to the contrary is not achievable. We have no sufficient training facilities for farmers. Meanwhile, the village still has not accepted proper and accurate injection or vaccine method. In time, most of them cannot get other accessories thereto; 30 years old method in the sector hardly can produce quality domestic animals. Also, there are a lot of misconceptions here.

Both in village and town training centers under the good governance and management should be established for sake of a healthier nation. Eggs, milk, meat, leather etc contain a huge protein-but only for ill marketing and misdistributions every year we lose a big amount of foreign currency. Livestock education may be included in primary level and if needed foreign experts could be invited as well as at present condition of institutions may be upgraded by experts and accessories.

Only by boosting up livestock sector our GDP can be increased within the short period and a healthier nation then is not a dream. Marking the vision 2020 prices of livestock accessories must be reduced and for a few years tax, vat etc could be stopped or would be so less thereafter; insurance, loan and other finance and security opportunity also may be good steps.

In the village, there are many challenges in the livestock and dairy production. People, there are not trained and equipped. In most cases, they cannot apply the exact remedy in need and after few days those farmers lose faith from this sector. Banks and financial institutions can increase their contribution and can expand hands for a strong and profitable livestock by confirming easy loan for concerned farmers and investors.

All these need good policy and fair management. Actually, it is a multipurpose and unique sector of the economy of the country. Here we need several facilities including the research-based application of modern science and it is the global challenge where govt. should play the right match to earn and to make a quite healthier nation.

When we think about a successful vision2020 our action in livestock then must be time spirited and science-based. Lastly- it is the right time when in primary education the issue could be included. More seminar, meeting, focus on press and electronic media etc also should not be neglected.

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