Human Rights Aspect Should Pose For Equal Sharing Going Severe Violation

Human rights through the years it is going severe violation of human rights in our country and traditionally the aspect showing very poor grade of implementation to the contrary as well as many here are beyond of proper human facilities eg metabolic, reproduction, inhabitation etc- also those have no minimum rights in lives no matter it is written in constitution and in other human manifestoes.

And almost everyday people of the country somehow face here and there a violation of rights. Not a single day in the country is without torture and oppression and always thousands of such cases have been noticed out by human right contribution groups.

Even people’s right to know is not saved and secured here and people of all ages more or less in endanger at the same time. Children are in worse condition and all where it is seen child-labor at a fast rate and many of them cannot enjoy the rights selected for them in UNO child rights declaration.

Millions of children work at risk and they don’t get sufficient money and those thus miss school and training facilities. Most of them live in street and some group cheat them by the name of rehabilitation and upgrading their lives. Meanwhile-child killing rate is high in the country and in 2015 more than 1000 children were killed and the trend is moving through fast pace thereafter. Really, the poor children of Bangladesh have no hope.

On the other hand, man and woman of the country can hardly get human rights as corruption has seized their properties and possibilities. When we visit us we can see huge man and woman homeless and penniless with dirt dresses and govt. and no govt. agencies till now have done so little for them and 24 percent poor people are still beyond of basic rights in Bangladesh.

Without true charge in jail, thousands are passing prison lives. Many are missing and in the crossfire, thousands lost their lives as well as by the name of democracy often many have been killed. Now and then it appears sabotaging and in appointing employees no rule and obligation is followed only party supporting has occupied the place of quality.

Journalists have been killed and millions of cases and appeals have been found without results. Addiction and illicit trafficking of drugs already have been broken the backbone of the nation. No human right is seen in real and in Bangladesh life in jail is not quite save.

Political killing and its follow-ups cannot see proper judgment. Thus we can find out many examples of violating human rights in the country even freelancing is not safe here and we don’t know exactly which group is enrolling human rights aspect and the whole country thereto.

If equal sharing doesn’t come out in the sector within very short it would be a territory rather a country and before us, there are many such types of example. Yes, there are many human right watching agencies in our country but they have no sufficient accessories and support as well as we see some fake human right group under the politically biased banner and many gossips that an out sector is active in Bangladesh and controlling every information the group wants to rule this land.

Without scrutiny searching out domestic agencies should not sign any treaty or by the name of the counter partnership, it would be a dead end of the country. Certainly, all concern groups should share openly the matter of human rights and should take immediate actions to stop violation for sake of Bangladesh.

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