Healthy diets which aren’t better healthy for everyone all time

When we make a decision to get a little bit fitter, we live a little bit healthier.We try to think better. We have more energy or even to lose weight. So there is the temptation surrounding ‘healthy swaps’ which seem to offer a quick fix solution whereby you feel not so great for a small amount of time while ‘your body adjusts’.

You suddenly lose a lot of weight. You feel amazing. These swaps are essential for some people but not useful generally so we have listed the biggest unhealthy’ healthy swaps’!

Gluten-free diets

If you meet a celiac and ask them (nicely) they may tell you the symptoms and how they realized they were intolerant to gluten the protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. Feeling sick,   lethargic, bloated and generally ill all the time.

Does this sound like you? Too many people believe that they are gluten intolerant because they present some of these symptoms however it is quite a rare intolerance and it is serious. Gluten-free options tend to be higher in calories, sugars, salt, and fat.

You may think you could lose weight by cutting out gluten but it is a hard diet to follow, it’s expensive and may be totally unnecessary for you. If you want to lose pounds from your waistline not your pocket try avoiding gluten naturally eating plenty of protein and vegetables.

Diet soft drinks

Are you a soft drink addict? Do you need a Dr. Pepper hit in the morning (hand up guilty)? Fizzy drinks give you a kick and hit the spot on a hot day. When a coffee just doesn’t contain, they are high in sugar, therefore, high in calories. So why not swap for the ‘zero’ option, zero calories, zero guilt drink away my darlings it’s practically flavored water.


Artificial sweeteners will increase your dependency on sweet products, according to research you are more likely to crave sweets and put on weight and even if your not worried about that sweeteners are a chemical, Aspartame, in particular, is linked with many health complaints (including certain cancers)  and many people want in banned.

Sugar is a naturally occurring substance it is better for you. Still feeling like cutting out sodas? Try an alternative. Get some soda water and add fruit slices or a little juice and make your own soft drinks with natural products.

Full-fat dairy for fat-free

Fat-free equals weight loss, so fat-free is the way forward. Logically you’d have to agree however research has shown people on a fat-free dairy diet and more likely to be obese. Why? Well, studies indicate that full-fat dairy is digested slower and therefore you feel full longer.

I would also like to add my own thoughts on this and studies of low fats in general. The reason a lot (not all ) people chose fat free is to attempt to lose weight which could mean they are more likely to need to watch their diet in the first place therefore if your choosing fat free for this reason and you are less satisfied by your dairy hit you then may be more inclined to need another one.

Personally I go straight down the middle with semi-skimmed as full fat is too much for me however since one of my weakness is milkshake I’ve been using liter soy milk and coconut milk and I have to say the one with apple juice leaves me feeling full and satisfied so if you are trying to cut the fat from your daily try mixing it up with an alternative.

No meat diet

Vegans are skinny. Well, that’s what most people think about when you say vegetarian a very stylish, simple skinny person. This diet is so strict. It’s hard work. Each meal needs to be thought through. Some people think it’s the route to sudden dramatic weight loss, however, good proteins fill you up.

Queen as a replacement can help with this however if you are new to meat-free living you are going to be hungry for a while as your body adjusts. What is meat-free and animal free late at night? Junk food, Crisps, chocolate, cookies, bread. Newly veggie and not yet loving vegetable based meals and not the world’s best cook? Pizza, vegan lasagna, pasta, sandwiches, takeaways.

Unless you love your fruit and Vega you might put on weight. If you love Vega or are choosing to avoid animal products experiment with Vega, Enjoy cooking try a variety of alternatives and don’t get stuck in a salad rut, A wide and varied diet awaits you if you research good recipes.

Small regular meals rather than large ones

Humans have evolved from a hunting, foraging animal. We probably would have ‘grazed’ on berries and had a large meat meal when we could find it so eating three large indigestible meals isn’t natural. Grazing will not help everyone lose weight though. You may feel better and lighter but you may also overeat.

Not eating a meal can lead to snacking and a need for something sweet. If you want to graze to lose weight set your food out at the beginning of the day include healthy proteins like nuts and plenty of fruit and dried fruits. We will be putting some grazing ideas under our nutrition section.

Swapping a chair for act fitness ball

Sitting down all day doesn’t burn many calories, doesn’t improve muscle tone, and doesn’t promote weight loss. So swapping for a fitness ball solves these problems…unless the ball slips sideways and you hit your head on the desk. Good through constant exercise sounds an uneven surface and constant bouncing isn’t that safe either.

Anyway, a fitness ball works if you are concentrating on your core not if you slouch forward to look at your work, find this angle comfy and just kind of stay there. That does nothing. If you want to exercise at your desk there are muscle-toning belts which I have witnessed working to reduce a waistline and tone up.

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