How to Keep your Environment Cleanse with Peaceful Healthier Beautiful

Ways that keep your environment cleanse. Without a neat and cleanse environment peaceful-healthier-beautiful living is not possible and the life in danger as it produce only virus-germ-stench only and a lot of diseases attack the subjects of certain area-the things at the same time create the abnormal environment.

Every day around us tons of dust have been making a deadly threat to people and other animals and oceans-the vital source of lives getting enormous pollution made by a group of unconscious people and over the surface many people use to add benzene, minestrone.

Formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide in air by cigarette and industrial dust hamper a lot our soil, air and water and global warming that is why is increasing day by day. As an inhabitant of the earth, you may contribute through following ways in keeping your environment cleanse.

Tell all of using natural fertilizer

You can learn more about natural manner and technique of agriculture and pursue the concerned people for avoiding unnecessary artificial elements in cultivation and inspire them for a better and natural taste and advantage of harmless.

Traditional approaches in producing several items to save the quality and purity of soil. If you do so both money and health will be saved a bit later you may do the job in a large range- a very good contribution it might be.

Aware the people against unnecessary profits

Many greedy groups want to destroy the natural settings by cutting trees and hills and kill rivers-lacks for more profits just aware your known one about dangerous effect of the matter and in your own range talk against the nuisance practice.

Just tell your audience whenever you can the simplest message e g none should destroy the earth the only living place for mankind and other subjects. Aware them in a classroom, in the occasion and so on. You may on the contrary also focus the truth-profit is not more important than life.

Make people alert for fresh wind

Avoid smoking and raise your voice against air pollution that ruins health and kills thousands of natural creations and if you can think of a better remedy for an industrial smoke that contaminates the wind highest. And save the wind-clusters by using windmills for all necessary purposes.

Change habit of throwing dust here and there

Yes-be conscious and never place the dust after consumption; keep it in a dustbin and if needed walk for moments thereto. Make a poster with a slogan – for a healthier breath keep dust in its right place and shut it in a proper place. Save yourself and other from diseases and avoid using polythene bags and other accessories.

Save water basins from contamination

These are basic of life and when by mixing dust and poison they would be ruined day by day where could it be a new inhabitation? You have to that is why save all water basins or you know in future.

Struggle for pure water may cross its limit and it might be an unpleasant battle for pure water in many where of the earth. Feel the inner significant and don’t pollute water basins by throwing dust into them.

You may join in tree plantation programs

Trees are the best friends of air, soil and water-join in tree plantation programs and save environment for better living place. Plant trees and ensure more oxygen. Do not cut trees and change habit of yesterday and use light element s as accessories for use rather wooden things.

Avoid noise

Noise is the severe enemy before health and contemplation and it makes the environment invalid slowly and creates hearing problem for many and severe heart diseases break out from high voltage of sound. In roads and residence you should maintain a minimum and tolerable use of vehicles and instruments. Actually, noise is an extreme dust in air and some time it causes deadly affection for human.

Listen an appeal from your surrounding in deepest heart and it is nothing but cry of nature cause of our unconsciousness and extra consumption. And you have right to live here- in this world with peace but greed of some people oppose your desire and make the environment contaminated. So-fight against this nuisance habits and with courage and honesty practice moral effort and save the earth.

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