You may contribute your nation someone somewhere sometimes

With a great spirit wants to do something for his/ her virtuous tendency again for the country where the very one uses to live in and the thing truly comes out from deepest heart.

People of all age may materialize this dream eg the wish of sacrifice for the own country by performing a series of positive roles that will not be bad or nuisance and at the same time his/ her wish may be done by performing the following roles.

On obeying rules of the state

There is no feature but acceptance towards rules and regulation more important and definitely better idea if someone desires to contribute the state. Probably it is the highest help from a person to the country. The practice ensures stability and dignity to the very idea or sets up. The more you obey the more powerful your country will be.

About stand for minority

Your state doesn’t support different rules for you and a minor at a time and you may contribute your fellow during a crisis. If you have any minority-complex just out it by proving positive actions and if any crisis with courage stand for the right and support of the victim and you will, at last, be able to the one whom the country desires in the long run.

In social activities

The modern state has many offers for you- accept some of those and engage yourself in the events. In fact, when you complete them accurately the organ somehow will stand beside you. These are social activities that accept your participation when you are engaged there she gets voltage and power for a step ahead.

Beside her with a swear

Love for country is platonic and sovereign you have to swear for a greater interest to her and when you build yourself; nevertheless you ensure that the best for your motherland- thus the nation will get one good citizen. It is the procedure of helping your country truly. So, get ready to be a good citizen and enlighten your nation.

Pay one and get another

Never forget to pay vat, tax etc and enjoy your rights in time provided by your country. When you ignore the custom of your state she then would be helpless and if you indeed refuse to pay she may be dead and just then you are homeless and helpless and you know there are many examples of such endings.

Over consciousness and responsibility

Still, any sector of the state when becomes trackless you just protest truly and don’t go without the support of the others around you. Yes-state might be sometimes on the wrong drive and as a subject of the very one, you may contribute her by doing the right thing with the support of others.

Besides, you may help all the auxiliary forces honestly in their job-remember they are your state issues and helping hands not your enemies. Indeed, you may help your country by contributing your time and tasks important and glorious and by all means if you wish truly.

Yes –nothing is so higher than your effort for your homeland which is the blessing of God for you and all around you. A nation never forgets whatever you do for your state if it is excellent then certainly you are the part of history so against any kind of wind stand before your native land.

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