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Where you write, word processing now knows that you are giving in Bengali (or Assamese) !! Get a better spelling check, autocorrection and grammar check supports this feature. Avro keyboard makes Bangla write.

Tap anywhere

Avro keyboard acts as a level of the keyboard interface system. You can use any typing methods to write Bangla anywhere (English Bangla keyboard type typing, typing on the mouse base) with the support of the Avro keyboard.

Flexible interface

Avro keyboard provides a flexible user interface even for computer beginners. It is much better than Windows Input Area Scheme because it is not necessary to change the system language from a control panel. Users can use Avro keyboard and other keyboards in a language defined by the system control at the same time.

You can use Hindi, American English, British English, Japanese, French, etc. a language, the system language, and Avro Keyboard Bangla / Bengali. If Avro keyboard mode “System default”, users can use the system language mode “Bangla Keyboard”, regardless of the active language on the system, you can write to Bangla.

Two user interface modes

Most Bangla typing software provides only the keyboard in the task list for the user. Here Avro keyboard has two functional and different interfaces – Top Bar on the desktop icon in the task list. Users are free to use in a way that suits them best. In addition, the top bar can appear as semi-transparent when inactive, so you can see it!

Customizable mode switch (combination of single/combination of main keys)

You can use a key switch mode using an F1-F12 key to toggle between the keyboard and Bangla system keyboard mode. There is also a combination of Ctrl + Space option. Use what you want.

Keyboard monitoring in automatic mode and the input language

As Windows keyboard management, Avro’s keyboard allows you to follow the keyboard modes (standard system / Bangla) among all applications. And since version 3.0.0, Avro keyboard does not just keep track of keyboard modes, but any language you use.

In Hebrew, type in Notepad, WordPad Arabic, or French and Spanish in MS Word, if you type in Bangla, their previous language is automatically saved. When you return using the system’s standard keyboard mode, the keyboard Avro does dirty things properly to restore all languages (eg, Hebrew in Notepad or WordPad, Arabic, etc.).

Display Style

This is a must for any virtual keyboard interface as a function of the Avro keyboard. But everyone, including Microsoft, seems to neglect. With this handy tool, users can view the actual image of disposing of the current keyboard whenever you need it. Now there is no need to print or draw a keyboard layout and fix it on the table of the computer.

This provision of the viewer keyboard is completely flexible, you can use zoom in and zoom out for better end visualization. In addition, this design visualization can be automatically configured to appear in Bangla mode and return to system keyboard mode, a good option when you learn a new keyboard layout.

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