You should follow techniques as a teacher to make better profession

And nation-building architect- the teacher must care its inner significant and skilled and experienced he/ she must be that is why teaching is also a hard and tough job.

Also, the profession needs tolerance, a strength of mind, strong personality and open-mindedness. All cannot be suited for teaching and a good teacher is the best human resource for any nation.

Very hard it is to notice the qualities of a good teacher as the integrity of a country defines with the very thing of another. That is why traditional style in teaching and post-modern approach of a person before students stands for a common performance here and there and every now and then. Techniques you should follow as a teacher given below are made from the perspective of a global necessity.

Be friendly

Yes as much as you can be a friend of students but never support their tactlessness in the study. Because, giving a lesson is your task and fear can make obstacle before them –so easily and closely tell them what the content messages and what does actually the feedback of the event would be at the same time test the students whether the event is understood finely or not.

Go lesson with plan

A good teacher always goes to the lesson before class with preparation and he/ she can explain the text well and when a student asks something he/ she can answer easily. Or before the class, it may appear embarrassment to the very one. Somehow he/ she can manage the answer but without preparation entering the classroom is risky and immoral.

Apply integrity

A teacher should have sincerity, timeliness, potentiality, all-knowing ability, controlling power and other qualities to be an important part of the institution and he/ she is an institution in short also. At the same time, other routine works must be done by the person regularly and correctly by the same one. A lot of energy the person has to apply in the procedure thereafter.

Get training

A good guide to a student must get training from a reputed institution for boosting up skill and quality or in time it may appear scarcity in teaching. For a primary, to higher education, all teachers should get the techniques by joining training center or institution. Actually, training confirms a better style and method that help the class positively.

Provide quote and note

Provide quotation and hand notes to your students so that they may obtain good marks in an examination or the lectures are not enough to win the goal as the student sit in the exams for expected results.

Good teachers never forget to do the right thing for students. Again, to expand their knowledge you should explain the text-oriented outbound matters that would be given with accuracy.

Be scientist and direct

A class may need information, chart, drawing, practical exercise etc –just provide everything to your learners and courage them in taking the lesson. Now-you, realize how those things would be served and exactly how students would take.

This is the world of perfection and accuracy definitely as a teacher you must be the perfect person and someone like an omnipotent or you will fail to help students and you are not a good teacher anymore. Indeed- by practice and effort you could be a good teacher who sets own self up grammatically-methodically –scientifically.

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