No Alter of Skilled and Quality Some Agriculture in Our Country

There often comes quality some agriculture a crisis when a proper distribution of assets among all people denies its ownership and without necessity, no one wants to invest anywhere; and where economy wheel moving its best fuel food and others no matter reacts against other power processes.

Any bigger nation may be broken down without sufficient agricultural production thereto. And every state has its own soil character that might be biased by mismanagement and other misconceptions eg equal distribution make a nation poor, in the season it makes better corps etc

When in a society it comes equality it doesn’t mean all eat same rather in most cases it is when established some common steps eg all equal facilities, conflicts or different views, vision etc that every nation is a better nation then.

Mentally it may be thought out but without land requisition it is fruitless. In Bangladesh, we see mismanagement in the sector. Even we cannot use our every land properly due to a vast administrative procedure. Due to mismanagement, almost 50% water is misused in our country and fuel costs.

Price hikes and other issues directly pose before per capita income. Liquidity and transformation of the minimum transaction when is in the boot process and ruined total assets distribution then is the failure.

By selling corps buying necessary thing is okay but what about snow or facial powder? That is why- the agricultural product must be invested in another natural and profit some sector. Govt. has permitted prostitution by mentioning its status at sweeper, Barber, and others.

Meaning a cost of cosmetics could be chosen as profit is expected to many and in moral the same tissue cost is comparing to per capita expenditure thereafter. Here we cannot but accept agricultural approaches man’s first attitude natural not deadly aids etc.

Good management in land requisition also depends on some all supported logics eg how much we are united nationally, is there any skilled governance? And our query over total land and total demand make us anxious and after 30 to 40 years we have no agricultural field in our hand.

What would be our income source then? Look the situation of Thailand and others; notwithstanding prostitution also would be handled with skill and accessories and a huge portion of the land product might be friendly with the second one as well as moral aspects also will be time oriented.

Later poorest part of the people may be appeared as an active and peaceful element and then shall be able to contribute to the changed flow. This is a pure and absolute remedy and in the long run, it is fixed; and day by day any kind of newer phenomenon may contribute our agriculture.

Still- metabolic need and reproduction can walk hand in hand and in economic set up the both has right to choose an equipped leadership under a better management.

There are other challenges also. Peasants and labors must get an equal and genuine price and without proper management and monitoring, it may target less.

In risk and in the natural disaster as well as for corporate need we have to build a strong management. Actually, no theory is absolute and all theories are made by human being nevertheless- profit and consumption making ability through a constant change process stand to alter it needs also a time that leads us in the long run by good governance and management.

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