Follow few things before and after intercourse most important for us

Without preparation intercourse is harmful and there is no pleasure in it then even a lot of other problems may arise in intercourse without a plan. Between twice wrong and unplanned-intercourse invites tense-chaos and lastly separation.

On the other hand, it is unhealthier and full of stress when you go for intercourse with the proper preference or matching. You have to that is why follow some essential methods that can make your stuff simply tremendous and let us know the ways given below thereafter.

Make the mind

Against the wish of your mind intercourse is nothing but a contamination to health and inter-relation e g-force and extra application often creates severe ending for the both-nevertheless, psychologically supported staff ensure extreme pleasure and it doesn’t ruin health-so firstly make ready your mind for intercourse.

Take bath

Before intercourse take a bath and wipe your body and don’t be hurry. And it will ensure then total pleasure and germ and virus free body is perfect for intercourse so avoid going intercourse without a bath.

Select time

All time is not suitable for intercourse. Too much hot or cold cannot be the right time for it nevertheless select a moderate time and avoid intercourse when it is the rude weather.

Eat sweets

To minimize loss of your body you may eat sweets after intercourse. You also should drink sufficient water and other nutritious items you have to eat.

Take rest

Don’t go for hard work after meeting intercourse and you should take some rest thereafter. Meantime, deep sleep is an ideal of intercourse.

Support protection

You may take protection eg condom before intercourse to avoid unexpected pregnancy also apply withdrawal method at the last moment if needed. It may be a dangerous attack of aids and so on when you are without protection.

Don’t do before children

You should not intercourse before children and others at the same time avoid chaos and noisy situation that breaks concentration and chooses a calm and quiet environment.

Don’t go with full stomach

As it may destroy your shape of the body and cause severe effect eat after not before the intercourse. Even your abdomen may be a barrier then.

Don’t force

A lot of people do intercourse with a force which is prohibited and that may destroy the relation thereto. Meanwhile- too much force is deadly as it can damage the sensitive organs of the body.

Let it come fully

Without primal course don’t enter the full course. Kiss and touch first and let the excitement arise completely-simply don’t be harried.

Avoid extra and extreme styles

Many of us take much help before the stuff eg they take injection etc what are very deadly and might be the causes of sexless and avoid taking brand-less treatment and don’t shy to accept proper treatment to the contrary.

For unawareness about the event, many suffer a lot and they don’t enjoy intercourse and in many cases, it is found that unhappiness and separation come out due to unplanned and unhealthier intercourse. Indeed a lot of care you should support eg without brushing teeth intercourse is not a pleasure rather dirty thing. You should that is why follow some techniques for intercourse before and after the stuff.

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